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BODY DUEL \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
By Laura Marsh and Aude Jomini

The artist Laura Marsh, and Aude Jomini, an architect & designer,
are both mutually interested in capturing the intersection of art,
design, and fashion unfolding in real space. Purchasing this
24-page, 8” x 6” collaborative book will contribute to more tactile
investigations. This limited and numbered edition of 100 documents
a photo shoot in Marsh's studio, combined with Jomini's
explorations in multiple layers of printing and image splicing,
along with details of textiles.

The work references the female body as a site for dueling,
investigation, and shifting values. Part role-playing, part organized
movement, part mock war-game, this challenge allowed the two
collaborators to extend their bodies intentionally into abstract
space, and thereby come to inhabit a better understanding of
eachother. We invite you to join us....Face-off in your own
territories, and map your willful moves with care.